What Agencies Want

What agencies want (Hint: It’s not revenue share)

We teamed up with PartnerHacker to ask top agencies what they really look for in their technology partnerships.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • The first call is the first date. Know a bit about the agency’s clients and services, and prep questions about their goals and KPIs — they’ll pay attention to how much you care about what they want.
  • What agencies really want = leads. Many agencies do want referrals from their technology partners. This can take the form of (1) directly sharing leads, (2) introducing agencies to your customer-facing teams, (3) inviting agencies and potential leads to events, etc.
  • Support mutual customers. Even with the most reliable SaaS products, issues will arise that can prove lethal to agency-client relationships if not resolved quickly. Vendor partners that provide quick and thorough support are the same partners that agencies will go the extra mile for (aka, more likely to send you new leads).

Check out the recordings below!

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Agencies… What Do You Really Want From Your Partners?

With Gina Perrelli from Lunar Solar Group , Jordan Taormina from The Snow Agency, Mary Grace Tifft from WITHIN, and Lizzie (Nirenberg) Andrew from Klaviyo.

How Do World Class PM’s Support Agency Partnerships?

With Alex Lazoff from Yotpo, Leah Beitler from Listrak, Marco De Paulis from Whiplash, and Stewart Wesley from PartnerPage.

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