Partnerstack <> PartnerPage Integration

Easily manage every element of your partner program with PartnerStack and PartnerPage

The best partner programs are based on mutually beneficial relationships. When we give back to our partners, we are investing in our relationships which in turn motivate our partners to give back to us. The give and take of a partnership are represented in the core elements of a partner program:

  • Referrals both ways
  • Revenue share
  • Education and enablement
  • Co-marketing
  • Friendship

While PartnerStack and PartnerPage, haven’t found a way to productize friendship (we’re working on it!) – both work to support these different elements of the partnership dynamic and now we are able to support partner teams in unison through our new integration. At PartnerPage, we are thrilled to partner with the best in class PRM.

How PartnerPage and PartnerStack work together

  • Automatically invite partners to list: When partners are added to a specific group in PartnerStack, they can automatically be invited to create a listing in your PartnerPage directory.
  • Track referrals from PartnerPage to PartnerStack: Any leads generated through a partner’s PartnerPage listing will be immediately attributed to them, visible inside of PartnerStack.
  • Sync with partner tiers: If a partner’s group is updated in PartnerStack, their group can also automatically be updated in PartnerPage.
  • Automatically update partner certifications: For PartnerStack customers using our learning management system (LMS) solution, partner certifications can be automatically added to their PartnerPage directory listing as soon as they complete a course.

Plus, you can build many other workflows using our pre-built API connection and no-code integration platform. Use if-then logic to track any events in the PartnerStack and PartnerPage APIs to make changes to a partner’s listing — for example, updating a partner’s badge or featured status when they submit a specific number of referrals.

Existing customers of both PartnerStack and PartnerPage can enable the integration immediately by contacting the PartnerPage team and requesting access.